Mr. Venkat

  Autism is not a disability, 

     its a different ability.


Sri Radha Krishna

         I spent all my childhood in a village, Veparala nearby Jammalamadugu,Kadapa district in Andhra pradesh.I not a clever in studies.I passed ordinary in 10 th class and passed B.A. with minimum marks.When I am in 4 th or 5th class all teased me as a weak boy.Gradually I become a normal boy.I completed my Graduation in 1990.Our father occupation is agriculture. I married with Visalakshi on 17 th August in 1997.Our family is a joint family.I explained about my family before  my marriage.  she told me she likes joint family.I felt happy.After our Engagement her photo published in the news paper,because she got 3 rd rank in B.Com. in Sri Venkateswara University.All our friends and relatives said congrates to me.I am very lucky to marry with a clever and beautiful girl. My cousin brother’s  and my marriage were done in the same day.we all enjoyed in the marriage.Before the marriage I am a free bird.But now I have responsibility ,Because  my wife waiting for me.My wife’s family is a single family. At first  she could adjust in our family. In our family not only my parents but also my father brother’s family lived in the same house. In my uncle’s family 6 members are there.We are 6 members and my father’s sister, Ramulamma is lived with us.So totally 13 members in our joint family. Generally  there is some problems in every joint family.After some days she can manage herself.

                  I married with Radha krishna on 1997. I like children very much. After  my marriage also I played  with my sister’s son and daughter and my neighbor’s children. I dreamt that  God  will  give a baby so fair and charming.Two years were passed.But God did not give any child to us. We prayed many Gods please give us a child.On 1999 in August 22nd I felt very happy,because Doctor conformed that I am a pregnent.From that day I cared very much very careful. My husband look after me very nice parents and in laws celebrated “sreemantam” function very grandly.All our relatives blessed us to get a beautiful and healthy child.My parents took me their house for delivery.My mother prepared healthy and tasty food for me.My husband brought so many fruits and dry fruits for a healthy baby. I went to Doctor for regular check up. Doctor also told us baby  and my healthy is very fine.We were waiting for my baby. Actually I like so much Children So  I thought that I will enjoy with my child more time. 9 months were completed.10th month came.My delivery  date was over.But I have no pains. we consulted The Doctor .She tried very much for easy delivery.But there was no chance.So my first Baby came into the new world by Operation. Doctor told me that I have a son. I felt very happy .But  when I saw my baby I was very shocked. Because he was very weak and not good looking. Actually I and my husband are fair  

About Venkat

        Venkat was born on 15-05-2000 by cizarion in proddatur . His native place is jmd.He was crying 18 hours per a day up to 5 years.When he was crying,wrinkles was  formed on his face just  like 80 years old man.He did not smile and his eye conctact was very poor.We went Kanchi Kamakoti Child trust in chennai to check up him when he was 4months.Physically he was normal.But we could not understand why he was crying.We went nimhans in banglore in 2004,for his treatment,they told us his brain was developing slowly,and he is suffering fron autism and hyperactive.We told them that he can’t talk a single word.They told us practice makes man perfect.They advised us talk anything with him continuosly.Then only he can talk something.Our family is joint family.