Venkat was born on 15-05-2000 by cizarion in proddatur . His native place is jmd.He was crying 18 hours per a day up to 5 years.When he was crying,wrinkles was  formed on his face just  like 80 years old man.He did not smile and his eye conctact was very poor.We went Kanchi Kamakoti Child trust in chennai to check up him when he was 4months.Physically he was normal.But we could not understand why he was crying.We went nimhans in banglore in 2004,for his treatment,they told us his brain was developing slowly,and he is suffering fron autism and hyperactive.We told them that he can’t talk a single word.They told us practice makes man perfect.They advised us talk anything with him continuosly.Then only he can talk something.Our family is joint many problems and difficulties from neighbours and family members. From then Venkat’s mother was telling alphabets,numbers,days of the week,months of the year,tables and rhymes .His father also singing old songs when was crying.When Venkat was 4 years his parents try to join in a school. But he did not adjust in any school in jmd .The distance betweenJmd to Pdtr is 25km.In pdtr Gautam High School started Gautam.

Sprouts for Nursery to 3rd class. This is not aspecial school.This is a normal children school. But the Head Mrs of Gautam Sprouts Geeta Kishore mam is very nice person. She knows very well about child psychology.She joined Venkat as a challange.Venkat’s father every day went to Pdtr from Jmd.Venkat had urine and motionproblem also.Geeta mam some suggestions how bring the Venkat to school carefully.We followed her. Geeta mam look after him verak nicely.Venkat was crying in the bus also when his father taking him to school.Gradually his crying was stopped.In the  schoolmam and in the house his mother look after him verycarefully.after 5 years he started talking simple words. Other teachers also help him in LKG and UKG.Venkat liked music very well. One day Venkat’s father was humming the music  of asong,Venkat listened that tune and sang that song. In the school also mam observed that talent and told us.we encouraged that that talent.God gave a special talent to every person.we felt very happy to know 2005 we Sweekar and Upakar a Rehabilitation centre in .h There we took Speechs Therapy,Behaviour modification and some special therapieentat’s to improve him.In the house Venkat’s parents practice him more and more.By the grace of the God Venkat developed very nicely.He started to recognised letters,numbers and to write. when he was 7years old Venkat can sing 100 songs.He joined in school in 2003.He got a prize onRepublic Day in Dancing.Every year Venkat got a prize in Fancy dress competition.On the Annual Day of 2007-2008 Venkat gave

first performance in singing.All the students and theirs  parents and other audience gave avery big clap for Venkat’s performance.On the stage H.M sir select some songs among the 100 songs and his father gave the tune of that songs one by  one.Venkat identify the songs immediately and sang nicely.That is a wonderful day and memorable day in Venkat’s life.Gautam school staff gave good service in Venkat’s developement.The correspondent Sri NarayanaswamiNaidu gave a STAR prize for Venkat and a great memento to Geeta Kishore mam.

He did not have any responsibility.He was always happy.Venkat did not have any home work tensions.His mother cared him to write and learn up to date any thing mam told in the class.Venkat is a special child.He was a Happy boy.He also won the Prize “Joy of Sprouts” who is always smiles in the class.we shifted our family (2006to 2008)from jmd toPdtr for Venkat developement. Dr. Shankar Homeopati Doctor helped very much to reduce Venkat’s crying,Urine  motion problem.Geeta mam started a school in Hyderabad. .So  we shifted our family again to jmd.In jmd Parimala mam who is working in Balaji school took special care for Venkat(2008 to 2009).next year she did come to his class,because she is going to UKG only.Then god gave a gift for him.Mr.Raja reddy started a school called Pooja International school.Every year God sending good teachers and schools for him.Every month we went Orphenage or oldage Homes or special children homes and gave them some fruits or sweets and spend with them some time.Then they feel very  happy. we believe that “If we do good, we find good.”In Pooja school also the principal,the teachers,care takers,van drivers all members helped  venkat very much.In that school Venkat learned to eat,to write ,to speak,to behave neatly .In Gautam and Pooja school celebrated Children’s Day every year.Venkat also participated in Fancy Dress Competition every schools and Colleges also venkat gave motivation programmes.After finishing the programme,all the students came to Venkat to appriciate and told congrats to him.In Eenadu,Andhra Jyoti,Sakshi and all papers published his talents very nicely.Then Venkat became very popular.Dr.Vasireddy Ramesh Babu,the Conviner of Balostav invited as a Chief Guest in 2012.There Venkat  hoistedthe flag and lit the lamp in that function and a performance also.Then all the children,parents , audience and Media also wondered.Venkat can sing 300songs then.Venkat’s father gave tune some  nice selected  songs,then Venkat sang song.His mother tell VIP’s name who were sitting on the stage with Lip reading then Venkat told their names and also Venkat sang songs with lip reading.All who saw his amazing performance appriciate him.Once again all papers and T.V channels telecasted his grateness.This isthe grate victory in his life.on 2012 in”  Z Telugu” channel Venkat Article came on” Mother’s Day”. Venkat talents:(1) Tune to song ( 2) Song to tune (3) Lip reading  (4) Dancing.

He is also learning carnatic music from 2 years. Now he is learning “swarajatulu”. He gave above 100 programmes on state wide.In every programme the auidence enjoyed very much and inspired and gave very big claps to him.

Now Venkat can sing 400 songs.He can sing Old songs,new songs,Ghantasala Hits,Annamacharya Keertanalu,Janapadas and private songs.

(1) Tune to song.If we give tune by Key board or any musical instrument in the 400 songs he will sing that song with out seeing.

(2) Song to tune.If we sing a song ,he will give tune.

(3) Lip reading.Venkak can tell names with lip reading.He can sing 400 songs also with lip reading.

(4) He is learning Carnatic music from 2 years.Now he can sing upto “swara jatulu.”

(5) Dancing.He can do dance nicely.

(6) Cycling.Venkat can ride Bycycle nicely.

(7) Cricket.He likes very much.Venkat likes batting.

(8) Venkat read and write Telugu,English and Hindi.He can talk Telugu and English nicely.

(9) When he has 7 years,he can tell 20 tables.

Venkat is a special child.Now he has 15 years.But his I.Q. levels are 50% of his age.He is suffering with Autism and Hyper active.His left hand  is also not normal.He can not put straightly his left hand.Inspite of all these problems ,he has many talents.

Every day Venkat get up early morning at 5 o’clock.He tell Good morning to us.We also get up at 5 o’clock.My daughter get up to study.Venkat get ready to go Gym.At 5.30 a.m.Eenadu paper came.Venkat reads paper every day.After that venkat to drink tea and go to Gym class at 7’o clock.By 9 o’clock he come back to home.He eat breakfast and watch T.V.some time.At 10 a.m.he take bath and get ready.Venkat trained special children who come to our school “venkat’s Love and Happy Home”.He also do some exercises and write some thing with them.He also played ball with them.At 1 p.m.calsses are over.He take his lunch and listen to songs .2 p.m. to 4 p.m. he take rest.Evening he go to Music class or Dance class.Two days are dance and two days are music class.At 7 p. m. a teacher came to teach subjects of 7  th class. after that he take his dinner.After dinner he go to ride bicycle.every day I and my husband look after him very carefully.By 10 .p.m. he say Good night and go to bed.