I spent all my childhood in a village, Veparala nearby Jammalamadugu,Kadapa district in Andhra pradesh.I not a clever in studies.I passed ordinary in 10 th class and passed B.A. with minimum marks.When I am in 4 th or 5th class all teased me as a weak boy.Gradually I become a normal boy.I completed my Graduation in 1990.Our father occupation is agriculture. I married with Visalakshi on 17 th August in 1997.Our family is a joint family.I explained about my family before  my marriage.  she told me she likes joint family.I felt happy.After our Engagement her photo published in the news paper,because she got 3 rd rank in B.Com. in Sri Venkateswara University.All our friends and relatives said congrates to me.I am very lucky to marry with a clever and beautiful girl. My cousin brother’s  and my marriage were done in the same day.we all enjoyed in the marriage.Before the marriage I am a free bird.But now I have responsibility ,Because  my wife waiting for me.My wife’s family is a single family. At first  she could adjust in our family. In our family not only my parents but also my father brother’s family lived in the same house. In my uncle’s family 6 members are there.We are 6 members and my father’s sister, Ramulamma is lived with us.So totally 13 members in our joint family. Generally  there is some problems in every joint family.After some days she can manage herself.

After 2 years we shifted upstairs of the house. My cousin brother had a daughter.We also waiting for a baby. My wife likes children very much.We prayed God to give a beautiful baby.One day my wife went to Doctor because of unhealth.The Doctor confirmed my wife was a pregnent.That is the happiest day in our life.But we did not know the God turned our life with our son,Venkat.I cared very much for her. We regularly went to the Doctor for monthly check up.The doctor said to take rest and eat healthy food. She told  nothing to worry, all is fine.We are waiting for our baby.After marriage I started Chit finace business.After delivary I also shocked when I saw our son.But my wife is very sensitive.she expected a fair baby will born.But after it is reverse.She went into deep Depression.My son was crying 18 hours for a day. One side my wife is depression the other side my son was crying.My condition is very horrible.Some times I could not bear the critical condition. I got relax by smoking . My wife identify and told do not smoke,your health will spoil. She knows ll things.But she can not manage herself because of harmons inbalance in her brain.I every day prayed God to give good health for  my wife and for my son.I look after patiently my wife as well as my son.Every day I told her don’t worry about our son, He is fine.some times she behaved normally.After sometime she went to depression.

We went many hospitals for their treatments. I gave to my wife so many Devotional books to get relax. I told her Gods also feced so many problems,don’t worry about our son,he will improve very much.By the suggestion of Dr.shanker,our family Homeopati Doctor we went Dr.Totamurali.He gave some medicines to her.But there was no change.Atlast he gave current treatment 2 times to her.She recovered quickly and become normal.We have a beautiful daughter,Vaishnavi.We felt very happy with that girl.S he always sleep silently and did not cry.We said many many thanks to God. My daughter was a very clever girl. When 4 th year came to Venkat ,We thought to join Venkat in a school.But he did not adjust in any school in Jammalamadugu.My wife’s friend told Gautam School ,in Proddatur is the Best school for Venkat.We went to Proddatur and requested the Head Mrs.Geeta mam.She is very nice teacher.She knows very well about child psychology.She gave some suggestions to bring Venkat from Jmd to Pdtr.My wife’s parents lived in Pdtr.My wife stayed in her parents’ house and tried to prepare Venkat to adjust in the school.After 10 days she came back to Jmd.Every day I took Venkat to School from Jammalamadugu to Proddatur for 2 Years.Some neighbours and some members in our family commented it is impossible to do like that.In that matter some times I also got very tired,but my wife encouraged me.Some times she also took Venkat to school.

For a  cart two wheels are very importent.Just like wife and husband are the two wheels of family cart.If my wife tell any idea to develope Venkat, we discuss one week about that idea.If that is good idea,we will implement that.Many ideas were succeed.So I believed my wife.Actually she is clever.So we both discussed all matters in our life. Every time the God sent the best teachers for Venkat.Parimala mam in Balaji School,all teachers in Pooja school co-operated to Venkat.He went to Gautam School for 4 years and 1 year to Balaji School and 6 years to Pooja school.After published Venkat’s Article in all news papers, he became famous in our town and school also.We gave so many programmes in the state wide.my wife wanted to give support and give suggestions to special children’s parents.So started “Venkat’s Love and Happy Home”Many children joined in our school and developed very much.I and my wife trained to improve them.If they learn any new thing ,we feel very happy.We satisfied very much with our students.

Now Venkat has 15 years.Harmons are changed in his body.He can not adjust in the school. He can write Telugu,Hindi and English.He can talk Tlugu and English nicely and he can do small calculations nicely.Now also we are suffering with his problems.From 14 years we are  encouraging to each other and motivate students in schools and colleges. we also look after my daughter very well.She understand our situation very well and co-operate us.She is a hard working girl and get good marks.I and my wife dedicated our lifes to my son and daughter.

“Parents are the best role models to their children.”