I expected that my baby is so pretty and  very nice. After I saw my baby I went to depression. Doctor told my parents and husband don’t worry, so many mothers go to depression and after some time they will recover. But in my situation that is not possible. My son was crying 18 hours every day. We do not why he was crying. I did not look after him as a mother. Every mother felt very happy after first delivery. But I did not feel happy because of depression. I had no interest about my health and my baby health. When he was crying wrinkles came on his face like an old persons.

             In that situation I could not see him. My parents, in laws and mostly my husband felt very sad and they cared me and my baby very much. I did not have any interest in our future life. I blamed God why did you gave me like this baby. All our relatives came to see us. I did not like to talk with them. They understood my condition and told me don’t worry, Your baby will become a great person. External beauty is not important internal talent is very important. Our sisters came to me regularly and gave many suggestions to recover from depression. I prayed to God Don’t give this  condition to any mother.we consult to many psychiatrists to get normal position. On 5th month my parents invited all main relatives and celebrated a small “Namakaranam” function.

                My son name was “Venkata Naga Siva Sai Prem Kumar” Atlast by the suggestion of Dr. Shanker who helped  for Venkat we consult the psychiatrist Dr. Tota Murali. He was very nice Doctor. He understood my position and gave good treatment. I did not like to take tablets. But my father  patiently gave tablets regularly. But there  is no change in my behaviuour. At last Doctor gave current treatment two times. My husband also brought some devotional books for me. Venkat born  on 2000. I suffered 2 years with depression. By the grace of God and doctors I recovered from the horrible condition. My family members gave me a very great moral support for. Other wise I could not recover fast. After I recover I felt very happy. I could not describe in words how much I felt happiness. From then  I look after very well my dear son. I became a normal mother. I blamed myself how foolishly I behave like that. But in depression I did not know what I am thinking and How I am behave. My bad days are over. When I am pregnant second time I felt  very happy. But my parents were very afraid. I did not afraid about me because Now I am normal. Gradually I improved  Venkat by talking with him and gave healthy food like carrot, Beetroot juices. From then I did not waste my time. I cared about myself and Venkat’s development. After my second delivery I felt very happy, because God gave me a beautiful girl to me. That is the happiest day in my life. All our family members enjoyed that day.

             Here I want to tell about a great person. Her name was Ramulamma. She was my husband’s Father’s sister. She lost her husband in her small age. She did not have any son or daughter. so she lived with us in our house. She was very kind hearten person. She cared very very much for Venkat and me also. God gave me a very gentle man as my husband,good parents, good in-laws, good sisters and good brothers. By the support of all these and have a pretty daughter I am very happy.

               When 4th year came to Venkat we think to join Venkat in the school. If I or his daddy in the school then only Venkat sit silently in the class, otherwise he was crying. My friend Sridevi joined her son in the Gautam Sprouts in Proddatur. she told me the head Mrs. Geeta mam look after the children very nicely. So we thought Venkat can adjust in the school. So we went to her and explain Venkat’s condition. We requested her to join my son. We know that it is very difficult to us also, because every dar his daddy took him from Jammalamadugu to Proddatur. This is very risk for Mam and us also. But we believe that “No pain, No gain”. So we decided to join venkat that school. Our neighbours and relatives commented it is impossible. But we know “Nothing is impossible”. Actually I am very hard working. I got first marks from 6th to 9th class. I am Town first in 10th class, District third in Intermediate and University 3 rd in B.Com. Every day I get up early in the morning by 3′ O clock and started my studies. So I got good marks in my studies. My parents live in Proddatur. They  helped very much. In their house Hema 14 years girl, is a helper to my mother. Hema also helped very nicely for Venkat. I am very interested in co-curricular activities. I got so many prizes in many competitions. So every year I prepared venkat also in Fancy dress competition. My husband gave full support for me. If I told any my thought in Venkat’s matter, we discuss and implement the thought. Our family is combined family. I faced many problems. But my husband stands support to me. I say always thanks to God for giving a good gentleman as a husband for me. I cared very much my daughter also. She is very clever and pretty girl. If felt sad, I will play with my daughter and got relax. When I was telling any rhymes, numbers, alphabets she was listening carefully and learning. My daughter name is Vaishnavi. She learned quickly to write also in home. So she did not sit in the Nursery class. She directly join in the U.K.G. I am very lucky in that matter. She learned very quickly any thing. On 2006 we shifted our family from Jammalamadugu to Proddatur for Venkat and Vaishnavi studies. Our in-laws were in Jammlamadugu.

            My husband went Jammalamadugu for his works. Venkat and Vaishnavi were same classes. Because Venkat studied L.K.G and U.K.G 2 times. By 4 p.m. I brought up them from school. At that time my husband is in Jammalamadugu. If I forgot to lock the house, just I went in the kitchen Venkat ran away from the house. He was hyper active. Immediately I also ran in the streets to catch him. It is very difficult for me. He did not tell where he was going. So many problems I faced from neighbours also. If He went their hoses, they did not allow him in their houses. As a mother I felt very sad. So I think If Venkat become a great person, then they invited him. So we want to make Venkat a amazing boy. From then I worked more hardly. When He had 7 years I learned him all 20 tables. This is very difficult for Venkat and me also. I tried with self confidence and Determination and I succeed in the matter. Every day I went to  school and talked with teachers about Venkat’s improvement. I also cared about my daughter also. She heis very clever. So she learnde quickly any subject. In spite of clever practice is important. So I explained  the subject to her and told her to practice that. We went to Head master of Gautam High school, Mallikarjuna sir and told about Venkat talent. We request him to give a chance to prove his talent on School Annual Day.He tested Venkat’s talent 2 times and gave a chance. That is the first stage show for Venkat. I practiced him carefully.

           To sing any song among the 100 songs.It is difficult,Venkat was not a normal kid.Normal kids practiced by themselves.Some times Venkat did not obey us.We patiently encouraged him and to prepare to practice.My in-laws are very old.They felt sad and told to my husband come to Jammalamadugu.But we tried to improve Venkat in Proddatur. After Geeta mam went to Hyderabad we shifted our family to jammalamadugu.My in-laws felt very happy.Again we search for Venkat to join a school.My friend told to join in Kesava Reddy school in Nandyal.

                  We went to Nandyal to see the School and hostel.Venkat told us Do’nt worry.But he do not know it is difficult to stay in the hostel without parents.Venkat joined in Kesavareddy School. But Venkat did not adjust in the hostel.When we rang him to talk he was crying.I felt very sad with out Venkat .After 20 days we went to Kesavareddy school in Kurnool and took back Venkat to home.In jammalamadugu we joined our daughter in Balaji school.The head master,Showreddy sir asked us about my son.we told about Venkat condition.He liked Venkat to join in their school.His daughter,Parimala mam went to U.K.G. She cared very much for children.So we joined Venkat in that school.Parimala mam really a good teacher.Every time we requested to all who helped for Venkat.God also help us every year.Every day we went to school to give lunch boxes to Venkat and Vaishnavi.I talked every day to teachers about Venkat progress.In every time my husband gave his fullsupport for me.Without his support I could not do anything.Parimala mam took him in her house after school and cared him very nice.Gradually he improved very much.Venkat sang a song on Children’s day nicely. U.K.G. is over.helps us.We heard that Mr.Raja reddy will start a International school.Butn no body did not expect .With in 3 months he constructed the school.It is really a wonderful campus.We went to office for application.we explained about Venkat.They tested Venkat and accepted to join Venkat in the school.We felt very happy.

                In that school Venkat learned so many things.I regularly talked with the teachers and requested them to take special care for Venkat.They understood our pain and co-operated very much.Loretta mam,Prasanna mam,Hamsa malamam and so many teachers helped for Venkat.In that school also a mam called Parimala mam took very care for Venkat.Doctors told “Best school is the best Hospital and Best teachers are the Best doctors for him”So we joined Venkat in the school.The school fees is very high.But we decided to give the best campus for him.Gradually he improved very much.In the house I made him to write his home work and learned what they in the class.But it is very difficult to learn any thing to him.I patiently explained him the meaning what he was learning.slowly he can understand everything.On 2011 in Baba temple on the occassion of GuruPoornima Venkat gave a program in the temple.There Venkat father’s friend,Ravi saw the programme and inspired very much.Actually he was reporter of Andhra Prabha news paper.He did not know about Venkat condition.so he asked us What is the story of Venkat.After the programme he came to our house to know about Venkat.He wanted to publish an article about Venkat’s amazing talent for the inspiration of  society.We explained him how to get Venkat like a wonder boy.Then Venkat can sing 300 songs. He wondered after listening about Venkat and published a article very nicely in Andhra Prabha paper.That is the first papper article.The people can understand about his talent and encourage him.We felt very happy.in Pooja school also he participated in singing programmes and won the prizes every year.We went to hyderabad regularly for his treatment.Morning time we went to hospital and evening is free.Every time we stayed in Hyderabad in Lakadikapool in Vasavi Bhavan.Ravindra Bharati is also in the Ravindra Bharati.So in the evenings  we went  to Ravindra Bharati to see Programmes .So many famous people and singers came there.After completed their programme we met them and about Venkat’s talent.They also surprised very much and and encourage us.on 2012  we went to Saradhi Studio to see “paduta Teeyaga” singing programme.There met S.P.Balasubramanyam and explined Venkat.He advised us to learn Carnatic music for Venkat.

       So we searched for music master.But there is no good music master in Jammalamadugu. My parents lived in Proddatur. I went to Proddatur for summer holidays.In proddatur there is a music teacher near by my parents house.Her name is Jaya lakshmi.We met her and told about Venkat.She also appriciated him and start music class for him.I also went to the class.If I know any thinh ,then only I can teach perfectly.So patiently I went to music class and to learnmusic.

                He was learning music intrestingly because he likes music very much.Starting He did not understand about tala. Slowly I practice him How to sing according to tala.Music mam Jaya Lakshmi took very care or Venkat. He can manage like other children and learn nicely.After summer holidays I went to Jammalamadugu.But classes are in Proddatur.So I or his daddy took him to music classes from Jmd to Pdtr.In the home every day I prepare him to practice music.On 31-10-2012 is the memorable day for us.In Andhra Jyoti News paper in NAVYA paper they published Venkat article. The Balleda Narayana moorti wrote the article so nicely.On that day we received nearly 500 calls from morning 6:30 a.m. to night 9:30 p.m. and 120 messages. so many people appreciated for our hard working ,dedication,self confidence,determination and responsibility for our child.They blessed Venkat to become a great singer.We felt very very happy.We did not expect that.Dr.Vasireddy Ramesh babu called us and Invited Venkat as a chief guest of Balostav.That is the great festival of children.The children came there from all districts of Andhra pradesh and try to prove their talents.That is great victory of his life. He hoisted the flag and lit the lamp.All papers and T.V.channels exposed about his talent.As parents we felt so To learn all subjects and music, my throat was infected.I went to the E.N.T.specialist .He told me my Vocal cards are damaged.He advised do not talk  for 10 days,other wise it is very dangerous for me.If I talk , he will doOperation  .I think God gave a exam for me.At first I depressed .But after one day I recover and think how to learn studies and practice songs with out talking.

        First I tried some small words with lip reading.Slowly Venkat can understand lipreading.we felt very happy.Gradually Venkat can identify songs also with lip reading.Once my husband sing a song and asked him to give tune.Immediately venkat humming the tune.We surprised very much.Venkat also likes dance .He was learning dance by watching the T.V.Pavan sir started the Dance school in Jmd.Every time the God help us.Soon we joined Venkat in Dance classes.He improved his dance.Pavan sir took very care for him.Always we requested who teach any thing for Venkat.They also understand our feelings and helped us. Now Venkat has 4 talents.He became very popular with lipreading.Venkat gave programmes in Ravindra Bharati 3times, 2times in Tyagarayagana Sabha in Hyderabad,in Kurnool,Nandyal,Kadapa,Ongole,in Aaleru,in Kolimigundla,in Tirumala Bramostavas ,in Pulivendula and in many schools and Colleges. .On 5-2-2014 in sakshi paper ,on 25-3-2014 Eenadu paper published about Venkat.So many called us for advises.I patiently how to improve the special children.Many parents came to our house for suggestions.They requested us to start a center to train for special kids and to tell the methods to parents. We thought that it is good to start a school for special children .I already started motivation programmes in schools and colleges.At first I gave a motivation programme in my school “Ramana Maharshi High School.”The Children enyoyed and inspired very much.All our teachers appriciate for our hard working for Venkat. we start” Venkat’s Love and Happy Home” for Special kids on 21-6-2013.The parents who have spl kids felt very happy.They joined their kids.They improved very with in three months.Priya ,S.Teja ,G.teja did not know about colours .with in 4 months they can tell 10 colours. We felt so happy.Sai and his sister can not hold slate bit.They did not have grip ness in their fingers.We gave training and exercises for them.With in 2 months they can hold slate bit and write on the slate.Their mother felt so happy.Mujimal was very hyper.But with in 3 months he sat silently and obey us.Basit,Gnaneswar,harshit,Munikumar and Venkatesh improved very nicely.We got more satisfaction than we earn any thing in our life.Our friends and relatives gave donations for the school.

At the end of our life we will give support for special children and will give programmes in all schools and colleges. This is our dream.